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Numerous Downed Trees blocking trails

05 | Nov | '15

I LOVE the winding trails at Tolt. There are miles of nice cross country trails with roots, logs and tight turns. We spent several hours at Tolt today and didn't find any standing water or mud despite the recent rain. The drainage is awesome. HOWEVER, we also spent half of our ride doing trail maintanence - clearing downed storm debris and sawing small trees that have come down across the trails. We only had a small folding saw and left at least 4 large trees blocking trails. Toothpick is blocked by two trees just off North Rd.  There is also a tree across Pearl and one across Vicious Quail (getting these names off an old map and hope they're right.)  It would be GREAT if someone with a chainsaw could help out.

Submitted by BeckyBr on 11/06/2015