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A Great XC Trail System

07 | Dec | '21

It has been 5 years since my last trip to T-Mac so I went here this morning for a nice 3 1/2 hour review before the next round of rain. I was also told I needed to do Badger and others in the clearing to have a good ride. I did all of that and had a great time meandering through the park with occassional scenery but not too many clear views. Badger had a lot of leaves and Back Breaker was a little greasy as all the roots were but the trail system has drained real well. I did go the wrong way on Go Kart, make sure you go west on Go Kart. The report image is a neat feature on Go Kart. It was a great time. A wonderful December day.  GPS Track and pictures are here. Chainsaw needed on the Roller Coaster trail NE of the water towers.

I had my SPOT GEN4 with me again, with it set for a 5 minute interval, but some of the transmitted signals didn't quite make the satellite so the actual track of me was not very comprehensive. The one second interval of my GAIA phone app track versus the SPOT data clearly show that SPOT is mainly for safety, not for tracking something in detail. Here is the comparison of the two GPS recordings....  First the track using SPOT


Now using GAIA GPS on the phone....


Clearly there is much less detail in my travels but if I was injured and immobile, there would be a location to find me every 5 minutes. The two are used for totally different purposes so just realize that. Without cell coverage someplace, it has the satellite features that could be invaluable.

Submitted by tomvale on 12/07/2021