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Great but Slippery

11 | Oct | '14

Rode these trails for the first time Sunday.  These trails here were a twisty tight mass of rooty goodness.  Not as technical as Cuss Hollow at Duthie but still quite enjoyable. IAB is very aptly named; definitely a work out getting up.  To me this place has a strong forest woods feel.  In some places there are lots of leaves down so had to be careful in those places because they were slick due to the recent rains and the hidden roots underneath. As you come up the IAB trail there are a few trails coming in but 5 Roads is a main intersection that is easy to recognize once you are there.  Rode around the recent clear cut from 5 Roads taking the first road on the left out towards the clearing.  There appears to be a trail still around the east end of the clear cut but I rode the East road out to the look out over the river.  Rode a little bit up the South Road then into the woods on the single track.  It is possible to ride around the new clear cut just stay aware of it's general location.  When I started circling around the west end of the new clear cut I dropped down the old jump line that is there.  As you start to break out of the woods into an old clearcut there is a trail off to the right (north) that will take you out of the new road that was punched in.  Head up the road and find a trail you like and head up.  There is one on the left just as you start to enter back into the woods which I took.  As you head up, tend to your right and stay towards the clear cut and on out.

Submitted by SlimL on 10/13/2014