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Rediscovering an old friend

08 | Oct | '14

TKE was once my favorite local riding spot, but the logging and the use-pass turned me away for a few seasons.  I decided it was time for me to dediscover TKE, so joined a few friends for an evening spin on some of the old standards and a few new-to-me soon-to-be standards.  The views from the top of FT3K were spectacular, especially with alpenglow on Si.  The trail itself is in good condition (not great); a bit loose in places and not as "feeling-of-fast" as it was before the logging.  There were some face-high briars poking out; should have brought the glasses.  Once ducked out of the clear cut and into the woods, it was DARK quick.  The remainder of the ride was lights-mandatory.  No mud or puddles anywhere.

Submitted by r1de on 10/10/2014