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General update

12 | Oct | '14

As always, Tokul E is THE best spot for wet weather, winter riding without getting soaked.  Work parties will be posted on the Evergreen calendar this winter.

  • Flowtron 3000 is running good, but a bit brushy.  The builders will be brushing it out soon, as in it's probably done already by the time you read this.
  • OGDH is loose and schralpy as always - running good.
  • MidTown is good right now, though there's some loose spots and small ruts.
  • Upper Crazy Ivan is rideable, but not great at the moment.  The crews will be giving it a makeover this winter.
  • KGB is unridable at the moment.  We'll reopen it this winter
  • Lower Ivan is rad as always.
Submitted by JustinVP on 10/15/2014