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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to most of the commonly asked questions about Evergreen and our programs. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, feel free to contact us.

Website - Trail Guide

These symbols generally correspond to the national convention for ski resorts and mountain bike trails (local examples including Whistler Bike Park, Stevens Pass Bike Park, Duthie Hill Bike Park, etc), which you can find some information on here. Bear in mind this is a subjective scale; one man’s green circle might be another man’s black diamond! Locations that use this convention typically also use signage with these symbols at the beginning of the trails to indicate the difficulty level of the trail.

You should have a mountain bike for all classes. A 'cross' bike or ‘hybrid’ bike can work in a pinch, but does not offer the stability of a mountain bike. Also, your bike should have knobby tires. No slicks! Your brakes must stop and your gears must shift.


We will apply a credit to your account and work with you to reschedule you into another class. If that is not possible, and you do not want a credit for future classes, we refund your class fee.


Most times that’s not a problem. Except for a few instances and some of our backcountry Trail Work Parties you’re welcome to come when you can and leave when you need to.

Website - Trail Guide

Geospatial PDF is a map in a PDF format, which has some additional helpful info built into it, including:

  • georeference - meaning the map knows which chunk of Earth it has printed on it
  • route tracks (e.g. a trail)
  • points of interest
  • labels, highlighting the above or other important info
  • etc.

For the geeks out there: geospatial PDF is a generic term whereas GeoPDF is a trademark of one of the pioneers in this space (no pun intended), TerraGo.

Why do I care?

You can download a Geospatial PDF file to your mobile device and use one of the apps to interact with the map to view your location, record GPS tracks, add placemarks, and find places.

You don't have to have any other mapping software on your device.

Why wouldn't I just use a GPS file?

You certainly can but the benefit of GeoPDF is you don't have to worry about caching any map data for off-the-grid use - just download the geospatial PDF and go. 

What apps can I use with GeoPDF files?

PDF Maps by Avenza

Please use this form to let us know if you know of any other app that supports geospatial PDF's.

General - About Evergreen, Membership, Donations

Inspired by endless single-track, steeped in ambition, Team Epic is paramount in helping Evergreen achieve our common goals. Our Team Epic supporters donate $500 or greater each year to help Evergreen develop and maintain trails throughout Washington state. Join Team Epic today to be a part of securing a future for trails in Washington and you will receive an exclusive gift as well as access to limited trail preview events throughout the year.

Learn more about Team Epic!

Classes, Website - Calendar

For most classes and other events, the registration closes 72 hours prior to the event start.


Our kids classes are for children age 8-13 and our week-long Dirt Camps ages are 9-13.


Most of our adult classes are geared for a certain maturity level so the minimum age requirement is 18 years. We offer "family" classes once a month where teenagers 14 and older can join the Adult classes. No one is too old to learn to mountain bike as long as they are comfortable riding a bike on uneven terrain.

General - About Evergreen, Website - General

Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Code of Conduct to learn about the details related to privacy and user interaction on EvergreenMTB.org.


Cancellation refunds are based on the number of days notice given prior to the event:

Dirt Camps

  • 14+ days prior to event: Full refund, less a $35 processing fee.
  • 7-13 days prior to event: Credit toward alternate Evergreen camp or education event (pending availability) in the same calendar year.
  • Fewer than 7 Days prior to event: No credit or refund.

Special Clinics

  • 7+ days prior to clinic:  Full refund, less a $35 processing fee.
  • Fewer than 7 days prior to clinic: No credit or refund (since most special clinics only happen annually, it is not possible to offer credit).

Evergreen Classes

  • 72+ hours prior to start of class: Credit toward alternate Evergreen class or education event in the same calendar year.
  • Fewer than 72 hours prior to start of class: No credit or refund.

Other Events (Bike Fest, Winterstoke, etc.)

  • 7+ days prior to event: Full refund.
  • Fewer than 7 days prior to event: No credit or refund.
Trail Work Parties

The work we do varies a lot from event to event. Sometimes we'll be working on the tread, digging, scraping, shoveling, re-shaping, and compacting. Other times we'll move a lot of rock with wheelbarrows or power toters. We'll also look for places where we can reshape the tread to shed water off the trail by building dips and rises. On larger work parties, many of these things will go on at the same time and volunteers will have a chance to choose what they prefer to do, or to try different tasks and tools. But there’s always something for everyone to do regardless of fitness level as even kids as young as four or five have a blast helping out! Head on over to our Volunteer page for more information and upcoming work parties.


Please have your bike in good working order. Helmets are mandatory. Knee and elbow pads are optional. Bring a snack and water and dress appropriately for the day (we recommend padded bike shorts, synthetic or wool shirt/layers and a light jacket). The use of flat pedals (IE: not clip in) is encouraged for these classes.

Trail Work Parties

At a minimum you should wear or bring: Long pants, long sleeves, sturdy boots and work gloves or gardening gloves with a good grip, and a rain jacket. At some work parties we may provide snacks or a bbq at the trailhead, but you should always have some water and food with you. Tools will be provided.


The majority of our classes in King County take place at King County’s Duthie Hill Bike Park in Issaquah, but we also offer classes at King County's Black Diamond Natural Area and Big Finn Hill Park, along with the City of Redmond's Bike Park/Hartman Park. In addition in to this, we have an education program at Swan Creek Park in Tacoma. Please check specific class listings for exact location. We also offer classes through some of our Regional Chapters including Evergreen Central in Wenatchee and Evergreen East in Spokane.


Every child participant must submit Evergreen's Youth Waiver in order to participate in any Evergreen class, camp, or event. To help make this process easier and more accessible, you can now fill out and submit the Evergreen Youth Waiver electronically! Fill out the waiver here.


You can park at Duthie's brand new parking lot that King County recently completed! It is located at 26150 SE Issaquah-Fall City Rd, just off of Duthie Hill Road. Please arrive 15 minutes early so we can start class promptly.