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05 | Sep | '14
EMBA Webmaster

The lands managed by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) are laced with hundreds of miles of mountain biking trails. In response to legislation that Evergreen was instrumental in influencing and passing, theDNR is now required to develop new guidelines for the management of these trails.

Many of the goals and objectives that DNR set for the Recreational Trail Policy remain unclear, but what is certain is that it has enormous implications for the way agency trails are developed, maintained, and used around the state.

As part of the process of developing the new policy, DNR will be asking for public input through a series of public meetings and will form an advisory committee that will include Evergreen.

This is a critical opportunity to work with DNR in a way that enhances the future of mountain biking in Washington. Let’s make sure that your voice is heard! The dates for open houses are listed below. Find one in your area and make an impact by attending.

Here are some points you might consider making to DNR:

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