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30 | Dec | '14
Bryan Rivard

If you’ve ridden in Kittitas County you know it has some awesome trail—Little Bald, Joe Watt Canyon, Hereford Meadows. So let County managers know how important recreation is for drawing visitors and benefiting the economy!

We’ve seen over the last year how important it is that riders speak up on issues that impact our trails. So take a few minutes to complete the Kittitas County Visitor Survey. The comment period closes in mid-January so get your comments in soon and tell your riding buddies! 

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29 | Dec | '14
Bryan Rivard

2015 is shaping up to be another banner year for mountain biking in Washington!

Are you as excited about riding in 2015 as we are? If not, you should be! We're building new trails and protecting access to others statewide, our important trail maintenance program is growing, and we've got loads of classes, rides, events and more planned for you. 

But, in order to meet all of our 2015 goals we need to raise a total of $147,500 by the end of the year. So far we've secured $107,000 via grants and donations.

If you've already given, THANK YOU! If you haven't donated, there's still time.

Please donate today because we still need to raise another $40,500 by December 31st to fully fund our projects in 2015!

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24 | Dec | '14
Bryan Rivard

We've got word from DNR and our trail crew that there's 8" of snow on Tiger Mountain with more on the way! While this is great news for skiers (or fat-bikers!) it's not great for ETS, OTG, or Preston, which risk damage in this weather.

The good news is that Fully Rigid, Silent Swamp, NorthWest Timber, and Joy Ride are still open and presently rideable! So ride responsibly, enjoy the holiday, and we'll keep you updated on the status of the trails through the weekend.

*Thanks to Steve & Dana for the awesome picture!

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22 | Dec | '14
Bryan Rivard

Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance was in Washington DC earlier this month to speak with members of our Congressional delegation about issues critical to outdoor recreation in Washington State.  

Joined by Washington Trails Association, The Mountaineers, Access Fund, American Whitewater, and El Sendero—all members of Washington Outdoor Alliance—Evergreen spoke with legislators to ensure that the voices of human-powered recreators were heard.

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19 | Dec | '14
Bryan Rivard

When it comes to getting new mountain bike trails approved and built, the process can take so long you start to wonder if it's ever going to become a reality.  Then, all of a sudden, everything comes together at once and work parties are on the mountain shaping dirt.

And that's what's been happening; we've made more progress this year than ever before, and we're not stopping.  So far we've worked to create:

  • DonationPage1Four new trails on Tiger Mountain
  • New trails in Leavenworth, Wenatchee, Chelan, and approval for Tokul
  • Completion of the First Phase of construction at Swan Creek
  • Finishing trails planning at Raging River (near North Bend), Wenatchee, & Spokane
  • And many more projects in construction or planning around the state 
  • With such a successful year behind us we are ready to keep rolling into 2015.  That means more trails, bigger projects, and even greater advocacy efforts to make sure our legislators hear your voice on mountain biking issues. 

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16 | Dec | '14
EMBA Webmaster

Thanks to your support Evergreen has accomplished more this year than ever before.  We’ve built new trails, launched a new website and Trail Guide, and expanded our education program--and we have even bigger plans for 2015. 

We want to show you to what, where, and how far your contribution goes with the 2014 Annual Report (which all members receive in the mail).

Because right now it’s more important than ever to donate to the 2014 Trail Campaign. With your help we need to raise $79,500 before December 31st to make the plans of 2015 a reality.  Please Donate Today.

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12 | Dec | '14
Bryan Rivard

If you're a fan of big, fat, glossy, photographic gorgeousness, then be sure to take advantage of the latest deal for Evergreen members from our parter Freehub Magazine! 

Bellingham-based Freehub Magazine covers local, national and international riding, in a beautiful, vivid style that should make any local swell with pride. And they've donated time, money and ad space to help support our events and get the word out about what we do.

The fine folks at Freehub have put together a special offer, so check it out:

"Give and you shall receive" is our mantra this month at Freehub Magazine and we are taking it literally, like literally literally.  

This month when you purchase a one-year subscription, you can send a second gift subscription FREE!  

So buy one for yourself and send one to a friend. Or buy one for a friend and send the second one to a different friend.  Or buy two for yourself so you have a spare copy lying around for that friend that always steals yours off your coffee table. 

Take advantage of this special holiday offer today (click here) and give the gift of a year-round, coffee-table quality publication. 

And in appreciation of their dedication and hard work, we are still offering all Evergreen members 40% OFF their own ONE-YEAR subscription.

Regularly $34.95 USA | NOW Just $21.95

Click here to get your Evergreen Member subscription at 40% OFF!

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10 | Dec | '14
Bryan Rivard

I can't see my friends--but I hear them whooping. "Go for it dude, go!" comes from behind.  Before the next turn I steal a look at the sage-covered hillsides below the distant snow-capped mountains.  It's a postcard.

The trail winds in front and I chase it down, feeling where it's going before I see it.  And when we stop--in a flurry of laughs and high fives--my cheeks are cramping from the smile on my face.    

Years ago a friend coaxed me into mountain biking by saying it "takes all the things you love about hiking and skiing and combines them in a way that'll change your life".  

He was right.  Rides became my exercise, my mental challenge, and my meditation.   As a mountain biker, you get this.  Each trail offers something that commands your attention while freeing your mind.  

But this year I came to work at Evergreen--and something shifted. I noticed it on a ride at Tiger with my buddies; rather than just seeing the features of a trail, I saw the effort and work that went into it.  

I'd come to understand that a great trail is a team effort--from the partnerships that Evergreen has created with users and land managers, to the years of work put in by trails crews and volunteers, to people like you who value and support the work we do.

We have much to do in 2015--and we need your financial help by Dec 31.  Our Trails Campaign must raise $79,500 to accomplish all we have planned for the coming year.  

Please donate today so that we can continue the work that we've started together.  Because while we are fortunate to have some of the best trails in the nation, with your support the best is yet to come!

ride hard. be safe. have fun!    

Bryan Rivard
Communication & Community Manager

P.S. Some of our grants require cash matching so we could lose them without your donation.
P.P.S. Does your company match donations to nonprofits? If so, please report your match to your employer or contact our office so that we may further leverage your generous support.

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09 | Dec | '14
Bryan Rivard

We had a great showing last Sunday with 26 volunteers and trail builders continuing the push to complete the first technical descending trail on Tiger Mountain.   With cool weather and clear skies, volunteers broke into smaller work groups and tackled numerous sections of trail—mostly completing finish work before the builders move on to the next section.

“The effort that volunteers have been putting in has been just amazing,” says Trail Crew Lead Bryan Connolly “this alone would have taken us more than a week to do--they got it done in four hours.” 

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