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So much potential!

04 | 21 | '19

I'm fairly new to Seattle, and wasn't around when I-5 Collonade park was built. It's clear that the park has seen better days, but the bones of a really incredible bicycle skills park are still there. Most of the beginner features are rideable, th...

Submitted by rdwilder on 04/22/2019
Lower Olney Falls above the bridge.

Since the snow is still melting on the ridge, and Olney and Wallace Falls are at their peaks, I took the DNR road off Kellogg Lake Rd and up to both Falls. It was a foggy cool day but the falls were wonderful. See them soon if those kind of sights...

Submitted by tomvale on 04/21/2019
No Snow to worry about, but fog today..

Started up Masterlink with the light rain gear on until I got warmed up. At the top of Masterlink I took the road to the summit and then down East Tiger, OTG, Joyride and Fully Rigid and then NW Timber. East Tiger needs our help digging out draina...

Submitted by tomvale on 04/14/2019

Good to Go

04 | 04 | '19

Skookum/White River loop is open for business.  No more snow.  A few step over trees on the Skookum side.  Nice and dry, no mud, no standing water.  White River is clear and snow free all the way(Corral Pass Rd to the Palisades...

Submitted by jackd49 on 04/04/2019