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Too much horse poop!

27 | Sep | '14

I went out here with my 4 and 5 year olds just to hit the bottom parts of the single track and it was just covered in horse poop.  Wow, I love the signs in the parking lot that say something like "pack everything out".  I guess everything exept the horse poop!  After about the third turn where you pretty much couldnt get through without hitting a land mine, my son begged for us to go somewhere else.

I've been here a couple of times on weekday evenings and it wasnt that bad, but I'm crossing this one off for Sundays! 

Otherwise, it's a good little area for either some short rides or by looping around you can put some more mileage together.  The last section of single track down to the parking area is fun to do around sunset, coming in and out of the woods, a few filtered views out over the low lands to the west and a nice tight trail make for a fun way to end a ride.  But there isnt much singletrack here, and for gravel roads, I'd rather they be more steep and far longer than what is here.

Submitted by hardtail on 09/28/2014