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Holder and Elk Ridge

15 | May | '21

After more than a week of no rain, trails were in pretty good shape.  There were a few horses and a lot of hikers, more people than I had ever seen there.  Everyone was friendly and courteous even though bikers are pretty rare in this park.  I thought the path to Elk Ridge would be overgrown with blackberry since Road A is still washed out but it was all great.  Clearly it has been maintained, there were no trees or branches in the trails anywhere that I rode.  Sherwood off of Road A is the usual washout with heavy gravel and river rock and I had to walk several sections but everything else was very rideable. Strava says I'm the local legend on Elk Ridge DH after one ride!  Horse poop was about 3 out of 10.

Submitted by mkay on 05/15/2021