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Pretty Misty But Pitch-N-Roll Was Excellent

20 | Nov | '21

I missed the grand reopening of Little Mountain's Skill Park and Trail additions back on Sept 12th so I made it my next destination this weekend. Last time I was here was three years ago so I needed to check it out and get a new impression of Little Mountain. I parked in the North Lot and went up the road to the North Viewpoint and Summit Overlook to get a couple of hazy pictures and then went down Sidewinder and Pitch-N-Roll. P&R is a 'light black' run so nothing like a full-on BLACK. But it was a very fun roller coaster to play on. I went back up to do Bonnie and Clyde but found it closed off at the top entrance. That descent turned into a run down HuffNPuff and then a loop back on La Z Boy.  I also ventured around the Skills area and removed a couple fallen trees on the tech descent and tech climbing trails and then returned back to the car. This will be a nice family place to introduce the kids to when the time comes to do that for you! There are a lot of leaves everywhere but the drainage was excellent. Sure I spattered mud on me but there were no real mud bogs in the trails to worry about. For the most advanced folks coming here, the best loop is probably climbing the road to the service road sign before the North Viewpoint, taking the Service Road to Pitch-N-Roll, descending Pitch-N-Roll, and going back up for more! It was a good day and no one else around today. GPS track and Pics are here.

Submitted by tomvale on 11/20/2021