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Freund Canyon / Rosy Boa


Key Info

2 of 5 (technical difficulty)
3 of 5 (physical difficulty)
Central Washington


8 miles total
1800' elevation gain
80% single track
20% fire road
47.6155369850307 lat.
-120.651340484619 long.


Freund Canyon is your friend: In less than two hours you can leave Leavenworth on a bike, grind uphill, scream downhill on fast trails, and be back in town. If have family in tow, they can shop for Christmas ornaments and play miniature golf while you engage in something sensible before meeting them at Andre's Keller to play the accordion.

The uphill may take you an hour, but it's a pleasant gradual spin, mostly singletrack, with occasional views and only very short steep bits. As of Spring 2015 the downhill is newly rebuilt. Still very fast, with long series of berms and some jumps interspersed. Safe for even beginner riders, if you keep your speed down; fun for advanced riders who want to push their cornering skills. 

The "standard" Freund Canyon loop connects with a few other trails: the more technical "Rosy Boa", which has great views of Leavenworth and is a diversion off Freund that rejoins it later, and the very technical "Ribbed".

(Any videos or pictures you see of the Freund downhill made before 2015 don't show what the downhill is like now.)


Many great places in Leavenworth for apres: Uncle Ulis, Gustav's, Munchen Haus. Healthy "hippy-ish" food at Good Mood Food Café.

Bike shops either Das Rad Haus, EuroSports, or Der Sportsman.