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Freund Canyon Via Ski Hill

25 | Jul | '15

Finally getting a chance to post about my first ride on Freund Canyon Trail a few weeks ago.  Had a great time.  Have biked around the Lake Wenatchee area a bunch, but got a hall pass from the family on a weekend trip to ride Freund Canypn.

I took the newly constructed connector trail from the Leavenworth Ski Hill, above town to the junction w/ the downhill section of Freund Canyon. It's about a 2 to 2.5 mile ride from the ski hill to the junction with the main trail.  Thanks to the staff at Der Rad Haus for letting me know about it.  I believe their owner and staff led the effort to develop that connector. I liked the views of Leavenworth it offered as well as the cruise through the trees before hitting the main trail. It adds some variety to the experince beyond the up, up,up then down, down, down nature of the typical ride. The trail starts just above the amphitheater for summer shows.  There isn't any signage to point you that direction from the parking area.  I ended up following the XC ski trail around until I hit the trail connector, which had an Evergreen Club banner stretched between a few trees. Take some care if you take this route since the connector is a two way singletrack trail carved into a fairly steep hillside w/ a few curves that have limited sight distance. I encountered one or two riders along the way in each direction of my trip on a Sunday morning.

When you hit the Freund Canyon descent take note of the location of the trail junction ( a wide area with a bench) so you don't miss the turn off on your descent.  Once on the main trail.  Turn right and get some downhill before hitting the regular trailhead and starting the climb up.  The downhill has been recently rebuilt w/ nice berms to carve your way down.  Great ride.  Total mileage was about 12.5 miles R/T from the Ski Hill. I inadvertently delted the ride from my GPS tracker app, so I don't have more accuarte stats.


Get out there and hhave some fun!

Submitted by tedbrow on 08/13/2015