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Foggy Bottom Boyz

This morning was a bit foggy at the Leavenworth Ski Hill when I started climbing around 8am. I took the climbing trail up to the Rosy Boa junction and went down the connector to the Downhill trail and continued climbing back up to the top of the Boa for a technical descent. The Boa was in good shape and it was a pretty view just above the fog bank in the valley. The lower Boa was in the fog so pictures were tough to get unless you were above 1800'. There was one tree over the ski hill's climbing trail about halfway up. The GPS track and pics for that ride are here. After that fun time, and with the fog burned off, I drove down to Peshastin to do the 'X' trail. It was also a great ride and the views from up there were also beautiful. The GPS track and pics for that ride are here. It was a great morning on the east side of the Passes.

Submitted by tomvale on 11/08/2021