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Goat Creek/Mtn Ride and Camp out

07/20/2019,  9:30 am

Goat Cr/Mtn Camp and Ride Weekend

We’re going to ride what I consider the best high country ride in all of Western Washington, Goat Creek to Goat Mtn. Amazing trails, terrain, old growth, old blast zone from the Mt ST Helen’s eruption at least 2 lakes and a waterfall we get to ride behind. 

The ride will be on Saturday, July 20. We will meet in Morton at 9:30 am. Be aware Morton is 2 hours away. The ride involves steep climbing but the rewards are worth it. You should be a strong rider for this one, and we will be out for a good part of the day (upto 20+ miles, 4000+ elevation).

Folks are welcome to come down Friday night and camp at Doug Moore’s place in Mossy Rock. Send me an email if you’re interested and have any questions. Petersherrill@gmail.com

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