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Kachess Ridge out and back

07/14/2019,  8:00 am

Riding Kachess Ridge Sunday, July 14th and you read that correctly...we are climbing up the trail to the saddle, turning around, and ripping back down. Over the years I've found this to be the 'funnest' way to ride this amazing trail. True, this isn't your masterlink climb. But it beats climbing the road  and takes the same amount of time as shuttling it. Yes, the first 1.5 miles are steep and involve a bit of hiking, but its a nice trail up a beautiful canyon. Once we reach the bridges the trail levels off for a while and then has some challenging climbing 'opportunities'.  Climbing the trail gives you a different perspective than what you see going down. 

Logistics - we are meeting at the Preston Park and Ride at 8:00 and will be at the trailhead about 9:30. It's not the longest ride and we should  be able to beat the Sunday traffic over the pass. We might even have time to stop at Dru Bru. 

Questions - hit me up at .



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