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Raging Tiger TACO Tuesday!

06/11/2019,  6:00 pm

It's been a month of brats and although they're great, I need a change so it's time for Taco Tuesday!

All abilities are welcome. Although listed as moderate pace, we have lots of options now and we'll split into groups so that everyone is comfortable and we re-group occasionally to make sure no one gets left behind.

Troy will be bringing the seasoned taco meat, tortillas and fixings. Feel free to bring your own thing to grill or share. Chainline Brewing will be providing us with some tasty cerveza too. I will have a vegetarian option, but I'm gluten free intolerant so I'll have bowls for those who are.

Meet in the upper DNR lot at 6:00 pm. PLEASE be sure you sign up here and if you're not an Evergreen member consider joining. It helps our trail building and advocacy efforts.

Questions? Send me an email at tnkasper at gmail dot com. If running late, text me at 206 three one six 0909 (if you call, leave a voice mail, I don't answer unrecognized #s)


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