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Evergreen rides the Eastside: Tokul

11/13/2018,  6:00 pm -  8:00 pm
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This week Evergreen starts weekly Eastside nightride  is at Tokul (East or West, not sure yet, maybe a bit of both!). We'll park at the 356th St lot. See the Tokul East trail page for directions. Right now the weather forecast is looking ok but don't be surprised if we get wet, it is November after all. The trail conditions should be great.  We'll be starting in the dark so have your lights charged. The pace is moderate and we make sure everyone has a good time. 

A permit is required to ride at Tokul. Make sure you have a rec permit with you when you ride at Tokul. Rangers are patrolling and they can give citations for folks trespassing. You can buy a permit here (https://sqrecreation.com/) if you don’t have one. And please don’t complain about the permit only being good until March 31, especially if you’ve been riding at Tokul this year without a permit…just buy one to show your appreciation to CG for letting us ride, build, and maintain trails on their property. Thanks!

Email if you have any questions at petersherrill@gmail.com.


Location tokul east
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