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Evergreen Rides the East Side - Tokul East

10/19/2021,  5:30 pm -  7:30 pm
Registration is closed

Join Evergreen as we night ride at Toikul East. Start with just a bit of sun, finish with the lights on. We'll ride my standard Tokul East group ride route by pedalling up and around to the Far East (Tether ball, Lost World, etc) and then work our way back (Last Frontier, 2 Fernz, Goose, Ivans).  Meet at the 356 parking lot at 5:30.  All abilites are welcome. You must have lights as we will be finishing in the dark. Campbell Global requires all folks who recreate on their forest land have a valid recreation permit. If you do not have one please buy one through their website. We'll bbq after the ride.