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Puncture warning!

20 | Aug | '16

We rode this during one of the hottest weeks of the summer.  Trail was extremely dry.  Started around 11 AM and I think we saw one rider the entire day at the start, but no one on the trail.   Took the first entrance on the right and tried to ride  Silkworm but couldn't folllow it like the video.  Lots of turns left and right and there isn't one clear path to take.  Stumbled upon a homeless person's den under the canopy.   Everntually we got to Tapeworm.  Trail was mostly clear but blackberries will tear at your hands and legs if you're not protected.    As stated, the flora is decidious and has a trashy, dirty feel to it.

Tapeworm is fun and somewhat annoying.  Technical in terms of balance.  Lots and lots and lots of slow speed 200+ degree turns with roots and climbs and drops.  A few bridges, but the non-optional ones were covered in chicken wire so that would make it a lot safer in the rain.  

The big caveat here is that we pulled about a half dozen thorns out of our tires each.   If you're riding tubes, they will full of holes by the end of the ride.   It might be worse on account of the heat and lack of rain.  I would avoid this trail unless you're riding tubeless.  Also, download a trail map as it might be hard to find the Tapeworm trail head without it.

Submitted by Naiden on 08/22/2016