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Still in Good Shape

21 | Oct | '14

Rode the network again today.  Did the area just below the power station which I believe would qualify as Crop Circles.  Down TapeWorm, out and up Parasite and down SilkWorm twice.  To get to Parasite from TapeWorm, as you come out of TapeWorm, take a left out to the road.  East (up) the road just a little bit and then take the first left.  This will take you to a four way intersection at a Tower of Power.  Take the left and that will take you into Parasite.  At the top of Parasite take the first right and ride it back down.  This is all of Parasite.  At the bottom of Parasite, take a left and then take another left up the Express Route up the hill.  At the top of that you can practice on the feature on the left or take a right on to SilkWorm.  Trails are in pretty good shape.  Down at the bottom of TapeWorm the water settles and so it is a little muddy.  The mud is just a thin layer so read that as super slick.  Debris on the trails in places which can be slippery if not slipperier then the roots.  If you have time Take Ten and clear some trail huberous off.  It is in good shape, with a lot of work being done, so check it out.

Submitted by SlimL on 10/22/2014