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twisty rooty FUN!

18 | Sep | '18

After learning to ride on Galbraith in the 90's, I've finally found a home down here in the Sound. So old school - so fun. Lots of really twisty, technical trails with many many off angle roots. Not much up and down but enough to keep it interesting.

I love trails that were made by hand to have fun on bikes through the woods much more than trails that were made by machines to create what often seems to me to be a linear skate park in the woods, which is an urban experience in my books. I also love trails that keep me pedaling hard all the time, as compared to beautifully graded but boring ups that are about as motivating to push on as a stair master, followed by flow trails on the down that keep me standing on my pedals.

Trails like these can be as challenging as you want - just ride faster! Once you get that, ride them when the roots are slick, then try to ride the wet roots faster.

Fun, skill challenge, fitness, and riding through the woods - what a thrill when a trail combines it all.

I'm obviously old school on all of this, as the modern trails are well used and loved, and amazingly well designed and built. I bet there's others out there that either like what I do or would if it was available, so this is my small request to open more trails like this!

So fun!

P.S. - trails were mostly dry and tacky after recent rains, with only a few short slightly soft sections. Connector to Crystal Lakes trails goes through private property, and the trails there are limited, and some shown on Trailforks are abandonded.




Submitted by SHindman on 09/19/2018