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Snow Report

18 | Apr | '20

After seeing the snowline at Olallie was 2600' I figure I could try to take the gravel bike over Barlow Pass on the Mountain Loop Highway. I parked at the Deer Creek gate and began the 7-8 mile ride to Barlow Pass. The snow line on the Mountain Loop Highway is about 1700' and less than 2 miles from the closure. I had to go back and will wait a couple more weeks. The convergence zone made a big difference in this year's winter totals, it was very evident. Big Four was pretty. Track and Pics here. Since that trip was a bust, I stopped at the actual Granite Falls and the fish ladder and rode down the maintenance road to see the fish ladder for the first time. Those pics are here. That place was neat, just not full of a salmon run currently. I tried to get to Barlow Pass from the Darrington side, three weeks ago. That trip is available here.

Submitted by tomvale on 04/18/2020