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East Side Wet

08 | Sep | '14

Did the clock-wise route (ie. along Kachess lake up the gravel road and south down the ridge). It was peek-a-boo sun between the ground level clouds at the top. The huckleberries are past prime for sure. It must have rained pretty well up here the night before because the trail was wet, muddy in places and every leaf brushed against held a teaspoon of water. It was still a great ride and the mountain goats on the hill to the east (I believe its the West Peak and trail) were eating and playing. Very cool as I saw them in '07 also. Seems like the trail might benefit from a little water diversion.

Some bow hunters out driving the roads and maybe along the ridge but they wear camo and not blaze orange so you would never see them. Likewise let's get out and enjoy the high country before the snow.

Submitted by briandonner on 09/10/2014