Winthrop Spring Riding: Crank Sisters All Gender Identities Welcome

5/4/24, 1:00pm - 5/5/24, 2:00pm
Leslie Morgan
Cascades to Sound, Methow
Registration not available
Endorsed by Evergreen

Evergreen Crank Sisters Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Ride. All gender identities are welcome - spouses or partners also welcome!

Similar to last Fall, join us for a fun weekend of riding & camping in Winthrop, WA. There are lots of trails in the area; we'll make a plan each day based on who's there & what they want to ride (trails & pace). This will be a super-chill weekend, but please be ready for some trails with sustained climbing & limited exit points. There also may be opportunities to shuttle. Feel free to come for one day or the whole weekend. Here are some of the local trails:

Optional camping available at a Crank Sister's property in the Sun Mountain Ranch area (thanks Leslie!). We will have access to a tiny cabin with a kitchen & bathroom; also keycard access to showers. Please plan to camp in your van/car or tent (or feel free to find your own camping/hotel/airbnb, etc). Please bring food for yourself, although we might also eat out in town. Did we mention FLEXIBILITY & FUN are part of the plan?

  • Crank Sisters has a no-drop policy--we will regroup often. 

  • Saturday-Ride! We'll decide when & where to ride based on who's there & what they feel like doing. Last Fall our Saturday ride was Buck Mountain. Potential dinner in town (about 15 minutes away). Start time at 9am.
  • Sunday-More ride options, then head home! Last Fall, our Sunday ride was in the Sun Mountain area. Start time 10am. More good food & fun. Crank Sisters Rock :)

This ride is limited to 18+ years old unless riding with a parent or guardian.  All riders need to meet the above experience requirements.

E-Bikes:  E-bikes ARE NOT allowed on any trails where motorized vehicles are prohibited, including trails maintained by Methow Trails, Washington Fish & Wildlife, and the Forest Service. Current electric-assisted bicycle rules for ADA: Here is the link to trails that allow E-Bikes without needing an ADA card:


Before you RSVP for this ride, please sign the waiver at https// Right click and click open in new window. This waiver needs to be signed once a year. When you click the link, it will tell you whether you have signed this year. If not, it will give you a link to sign it.

  • Please cancel your RSVP before the ride time if you can’t make the ride. Text the rider leader Leslie Morgan: 206-255-2188 or Katherine Meyer: 206-849-7699 if you have to cancel within two hours of the ride. Please RSVP at least 2 hours before the ride.

Directions: To be texted upon RSVP.

Ride leader contact info: 

Leslie Morgan at 206-255-2188

Katherine Meyer at 206-849-7699


  • Please bring a mountain bike in good working order, helmet, 2 liters of water, electrolytes, backpack with some snacks, and spare bike tube.  

Conditions for cancellation: (heavy wind, lightning, flooding etc.) If a ride must be canceled, the ride leader will attempt to contact anyone signed up by 3pm the day before the ride.


No. of Attendees: of 12 max