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Raging River maintenance! Poppin’ Tops/Flow State

01/31/2020,  8:00 am -  2:00 pm
Work Parties

Time to show the flow downhill section of Raging River some love.

These sections of the trail seems to get hammered on this highly used downhill route.  Since it's in a clear cut, it gets beat up by the elements quite a bit quicker than the forested sections.  As a result there is quite a bit of work to do to freshen up the tread and drains.

What to bring

  • Sturdy footwear and rain gear
  • Warm Layers and maybe a change of clothes
  • A bike and riding gear, you'll definitely want to ride out at the end of
  • the day!
  • Water and a lunch
  • Work gloves if you have them

Evergreen will provide

  • All trail building tools
  • Extra gloves if you need
  • Enthusiasm in any weather!
  • shutte ride up the hill for you and your bike

Where to meet

  • Raging River trailhead. Look for a black Subaru with big bike rack! I


  • Feel free to contact Nicholas Baker -
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