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Helen's Fest (SHIFT)

From 08/16/2019
To 08/18/2019
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Helen's Fest has been run by the Oregon club NWTA for several years now and I've heard its as rockin' as ever.

Some information here, more will show up as we get closer to the event


The festival normally has multiple rides for people of all abilities and weather permitting we always make it down to the lake as well. Work party on Saturday with late afternoon rides and catered food and perhaps some gentle partying.

Note that they would like you to register for this event:


If you like backcountry epics, our crew is planning to head North and do some big ones after the festival for a few days. (Goat Mt, Vanson, Strawberry, Juniper Ridge, Hamilton Butte, Boundary #1, depending on what we decide).