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Raging Work Party On Flow State

04/10/2019,  9:00 am
Work Parties

Come lend a hand for a small project on Upper Flow State, aka the middle section. There is an exposed culvert after two large jumps before the switchback that drops into the woods. We'll need to rock armor both sides of the culvert and top it all with a bunch of good dirt.


There will be two staff builders there, any and all help is welcome. If you'll be there by 9am you can toss your bike in my van and I'll shuttle you up, and if not riding up and meeting us at the worksite works as well. 


Please contact me if you're interested so we can work out some logistics and an estimate of how many tools we'll need. 



Cody Olsen 

(509) 630 0702

Location Raging River
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