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Spring Break in Moab (e.g. dry trails, sunshine)

From 04/06/2019 -  6:00 pm
To 04/14/2019 -  8:00 pm


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A number of Cascades to Sound members will be in Moab this week. This is an invite for anyone who might be there and want some company, trail guidance, riding partners, a shuttle seat or maybe just a connection to non-rider people doing outdoorsy things. A part of our group is rock climbing for a couple days.  Another part will do some 4x4 stuff.

Most of us will drive from Seattle and then be camping above town.  For the tent averse, hotels are 3 miles away.  We have experienced mechanics, spare parts and people who have ridden there a lot.  There should be some extra rack capacity for the shuttle days.

Full ride days are generally Monday to Friday - there is no formal schedule and groups will form organically.

Kid friendly.  We'll know more about age ranges in a couple weeks.  Teens and tweens for sure.



Location Sand Flats Rd, Moab, UT 84532
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