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Paradise Valley Work Party

12/09/2018,  9:30 am
Work Parties
Doug Chase

Paradise work season continues.


We're working on Cascara this week.  The trail is in fundamentally solid shape but it needs a bit of maintenance to stay that way.  The trail is developing a thick layer of organic material on it and drains are getting full or blocked.  We'll be clearing the trail, opening drains, and fixing wet spots before they get bad.


Please bring if you have them:

- Big backpack leaf blower.  Lloyd needs blown if we finish Cascara.

- Leaf rake for clearing the leaves off the trail in case nobody brings a leaf blower

- Folding saw for clearing brush

- Shovel, McLeod, Rogue Hoe, bucket, and whatever other tools you prefer for repairing trails.


I will have spare shovels, McLeods, and buckets.


This week we'll meet at the 106th Dr trailhead as this is the closest to Cascara.  Note that this is not the main parking lot.  Point your GPS to 23009 106th Dr SE Woodinville, WA 98077 and that should get you to the right place.  


If it's raining lightly we'll work.  If it's pouring we'll cancel and I'll send email through this web page by 9am.



Location 23009 106th Dr SE Woodinville, WA 98077
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