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SHORT NOTICE Crank Sisters Beginner-mediate Earn Your Turkey Cardio Loop on Grand Ridge

11/22/2018,  9:00 am - 12:00 pm

SHORT NOTICE Evergreen Crank Sisters Women's Group Beginner-mediate Ride at Grand Ridge, Double Cardio Loop
Bring yourself, and tella fella if you like. Prime your metabolism and work up an appetite for turkey and dressing if that's your plan. As long as we have one other person RSVP to this calendar event by 10pm Wednesday the night before, this ride is a go!  We will meet at 9:00 am at Central Park Highlands Trailhead, near the lower soccer fields.

Google Maps location is


Starting time is 9:15. Please be on time -- we cannot wait more than 10 minutes for late arrivers. If you sign up and decide not to come, PLEASE text me!
Ride Leader contact info: Doraine Raichart 

Trails: Starting from Central Park, we'll skirt the soccer fields to the left and traverse to the trail intersection. We'll head up and over Grand Ridge, and do Watertower loop before heading back south for a long descent to the I-90 frontage trail. From there we'll pick back up on the loop back up to Central Park. Other optional trails will be decided based on rider preferences, and are subject to change based on weather, trail conditions, etc. 
Conditions for cancellation: Heavy wind, lightning, deep snow or heavy rain. We ride in the moderate rain and cold! If a ride must be canceled, the ride leader will attempt to contact anyone signed up by 3 pm the day before the ride.
Grunt rating: There's climbing! Please plan to ride for two hours with breaks. 
Bring lots of water and some snacks. Mostly smooth flowy low-tech trails with occasional rocky stream bed crossingsCrank Sisters have a no-drop policy - we will regroup often and adjust the pace based on riders' preference.

Other information: Sessioning is encouraged. Please make sure your bike is in good working order. If you're not sure, please have it checked by your bike mechanic prior to the ride. Bring a spare tube and pump so you can fix a flat tire.

We'll set a time to be back at the cars so you can go ahead with the rest of your plans for the day.

Location Grand Ridge from Central Park
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