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Paradise Valley Work Party

11/25/2018,  9:30 am
Work Parties
Doug Chase

We're getting the Paradise work party season started this Sunday. Hopefully by then you'll be finished with Thanksgiving and sick of your relatives so you can escape from them, come to Paradise, and burn off some of those calories you consumed.


We're going to start by doing some work on Cedar Run.  The trail tread is generally in pretty good shape but we need to clear the trail of leaves, clean all bridges, fix two broken stringers on another bridge, and fix a couple ares where people are short-cutting the trail.


Please bring if you have them:

- Wire brushes or very stiff bristled brushes for cleaning the bridges (I have extras)

- Big backpack leaf blower (if multiple people bring these there are plenty of trails that need blown)

- Leaf rake for clearing the leaves off the trail in case nobody brings a leaf blower

- Folding saw for clearing brush

- We might need a few shovelss and McLeods for clearing drains and such, so it never hurts to bring them if you have them.


I will bring the 4x4s for fixing the bridge with the broken stringers, as well as the tools required to do so.


Meet at the 205th St. trailhead.  Note that this is not the main parking lot.  Point your GPS to 18233 NE 205th St, Woodinville, WA 98077 and that should get you to the right place.  


If it's raining lightly we'll work.  If it's pouring we'll cancel and I'll send email through this web page by 9am.



Location 18233 NE 203rd St., Woodinville 98077
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