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Tokul Brushing Work party

09/25/2021,  8:30 am -  2:00 pm
Work Parties

Thanks for volunteering to help get the Tokul trails ready for the winter riding season. Our focus will be to finish brushing trails, mostly located in the clear cuts at T west. We have a window of time now before we get substantial rain to get this brushing done. Then we can start on actual trail work. We have several interesting projects planned for this fall/winter. 

We will be meeting at the Fall City parking lot (Fall City Park) at 8:30 to go over our battle plans and gather tools. I will drive up with tools and you will ride up to the clearing at the top of Bypass. LMK if anyone has a CG drive in pass - I will put you to work somewhere else.

If you can’t make 8:30, just pedal up and join us. You can text me to see where we are (831.676.7229).

Tools - Since our focus will be attacking weeds, we can use hedgers, weed whackers, leaf blowers and rakes. Bring gloves and eyewear.

We will work until 2 or so (maybe later?) and then pedal out. Folks can put in whatever amount of time they want. 

Please email me if you have any questions. Petersherrill@gmail.com.  LMK if you can’t make the work party but want to do work some other time.

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