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Tokul West

Tokul West

Key Info

2-3 of 5 (technical difficulty)
2 of 5 (physical difficulty)
NW Washington


16 miles total
900' elevation gain
70% single track
30% fire road
47.569432 lat.
-121.887431 long.


Permits are required to recreate (ride) on Campbell Global property. Information is on the Campbell Global web site linked here.

Tokul West has a large network of singletrack, and with the recent addition of a few trails now offers a lot of singletrack without much fire road. It is a bit more xc in flavor than  East. West has good singletrack climbs, rolling trails, and fun descents.

The area is a bit hard to navigate for new users, so for your first time use our GEO PDF map of the area, go with a friend or join along on an Evergreen ride.

West hillside trails dry very fast. "Lower" trails (Bra, Stickerboy, Sgt Wells, etc.) turn into mud bogs. Upper trails (Outback, Steakhouse, etc.) can hold up quite well and are good for year-round use.

A decent place for post-ride beers is the Last Frontier Saloon in Fall City. The staff can be surly (frankly, part of the appeal) and there's usually crazy locals in there, but it's reasonably priced pub food with a decent beer selection on tap. The Roadhouse across the street from the Last Frontier is a good stop for a full meal, with good beer on tap to boot.