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Kettle Fest 2021

From 07/07/2021
To 07/11/2021
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Check out this great article in Craft MTN magazine about the last KettleFest!

Read more about the advocacy landscape around the Collvile National Forest here.


Join Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and the Evergreen East chapter for 5 days of epic riding and camping at Kettle Crest in Colville National Forest! If you can't join for the entire time, come for as long as works for you. Folks with kids, the campground is a great spot for the little ones to ride around.

Enjoy some of Washington’s best backcountry singletrack in a remote, alpine setting. In an annual tradition, riders from all across the region including Seattle, Spokane, Coeur d'Alene, Bellingham, and B.C. converge to hang out, experience awesome trails and give back to the area with a day devoted to trail work. Most of the rides have a healthy dose of climbing, but there are lots of great ride options, so come join us for another awesome year at Kettle Crest!

More details to follow, but we'll plan to do one full day of trail work on Saturday, swimming in the Kettle River, swapping stories around the campfire over a cold beer and, of course, riding some epic alpine singletrack.

Please note there is no cell phone service at the campground or where we will be riding. Group rides will be leaving around 9 am each morning.



We'll be camping at the Jungle Hill Campground, which is between the towns of Republic and Kettle Falls. We have the whole campground reserved so feel free to use any empty site when you arrive. Find the Google Map of the campfound here.


What to bring:

  • A willingness to get dirty!
  • Camping Equipment - 
  • Tent, pad, sleeping bag, light, chair, warm clothing, and water filter
  • Water, food, snacks and a pack to haul it in.
  • Work boots or tough hiking boots (sturdy footwear)
  • Rain gear, layers, work attire aka: clothes that look superb when dirty!
  • Safety glasses and work gloves if you have them
  • A warm change of clothes after a fun filled day


Evergreen will provide:

  • All the tools
  • Work gloves if you would like them
  • A few snacks if you need them


Sample Schedule:p5pb14989479 1

While our ride schedule is usually made ad-hoc, here's a sample schedule of what KettleFest usually looks like:

Wednesday, July 7: Jungle Hill

  1. Easy Option: 10 miles, 1300 ft. climbing, 2500 ft. descending
  2. Medium Option: 14 miles, 2300 ft. climbing, 3300 ft. descending
  3. Hard Option: 18 miles, 3600 ft. climbing/descending

For the easy and medium options, we shuttle up to the top of Sherman Pass and start up the Kettle Crest trail. The hard option starts from the campground with about 1300ft of climbing to get up to Sherman Pass. After climbing on the Kettle Crest there is an optional detour to Columbia Mountain which has an awesome 360-degree view. For the easy option, riders can turn around after Columbia Mountain and descend all the way back to the campground. Otherwise, riders will continue climbing and descending along the Kettle Crest until the top of Jungle Hill where the payoff awaits….

Thursday, July 8: Old Stage to Midnight Ridge to Kettle Crest to Jungle Hill

  1. Easy Option: Old Stage/Midnight Ridge loop, 10 miles, ~2,850 ft. climbing/descending
  2. Medium Option: Old Stage/Midnight Ridge loop + Kettle Crest to Jungle Hill, 17 miles, ~5,000 ft. climbing/descending
  3. Hard Option: Pedal from Jungle Hill Campground to Old Stage/Midnight Ridge loop + Kettle Crest to Jungle Hill, ~30 miles, ~7,000 ft. climbing

Up West Side of Old Stage and descend the scenic Midnight Ridge trail. Up and over Copper Butte (elev. ~7100') around Scar Mountain and then up to Wapaloosie and a fun descent to Jungle Hill and the Jungle Hill Campground. Views go for miles when up on the Crest.

On Thursday evening we'll head into Kettle Falls for pizza and beer at Northern Ales. A good chance to stock up on groceries as well...

Friday, July 9: Upper/Lower Taylor Ridge

Another full day of riding. Those intersted in making the drive out to Taylor Ridge (about 1 hour) can go out to do that. Taylor Ridge is a 18 mile ride with 2,600ft of climbing and 5,600ft of descending. Those that want to stay nearer to camp can do another varieation of the rides listed above.

Saturday, July 10:  Trail work day and Dinner in Kettle Falls

Trail work on Taylor Ridge, which is about an hour drive from camp. Be ready to work hard and get dirty, and maybe do a shuttle after!

Sunday, July 14: South Kettle Crest/Snow Peak Cabin/White Mountain

  1. Easy Option: 16 miles, 2200 ft. climbing, 3400 ft. descending
  2. Hard Option: 26 miles, 4800 ft. climbing, 6000 ft. descending

For the easier ride, we will shuttle up to Sherman pass to begin the ride on the Kettle Crest South trail. The trail climbs up and around Sherman Peak and then continues south to Snow Peak Cabin, a cool spot for lunch. From Snow Peak Cabin, most riders choose to head back to Sherman Pass and then down the Sherman Tie Trail for another great descent to the campground. For those riders who are looking for a longer ride, there is an option to continue South from Snow Peak Cabin and climb up to the junction at Barnaby Buttes and then up to White Mountain before turning around.


If you have any questions or concerns about Kettle Fest, please reach out to Bobby Stewart at BobbyStewart@evergreenmtb.org or Shawn Lorenz at ShawnL@evergreenmtb.org.

Hope to see you out there!


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