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May 9th. 8 projects. 1 requirement: YOU.

07 | May | '18
Ian Terry


Cool air, hero dirt, and ahead--the perfect ride. Your perfect ride.  So you'd turn around and head home, right?

Of course not--that's the chance we daydream about at our desks--and why I'm emailing today.



At this very moment Evergreen is cleared to build 65 NEW trail miles. Those miles ADD to Evergreen's existing projects at Raging, Darrington, Tiger, and Green Mountain. That's potential for over 100 miles to make your own perfect ride. 

How ‘bout that--we could have over 100 miles of trail in development!

What does it feel like to build triple-digit mileage? We don't know yet--but with your help today we will.  We can only do this work if you GiveBig now—will you help us break into the triple-digit club this year with your donation?

Evergreen chapters are digging into savings to kick-start this work in 2018. They need you to #BeTheBuilder today to span the funding gap.


I'm 100% in for 100 new miles

With your GiveBig donation you'll start these projects this year:  

-Sun Mountain Trail network expansion, Methow Valley: 20 miles

-Completion of climbing trail and the new Ribbed Trail at Ski Hill, Leavenworth: 3 miles

-3 new trails in the Yacolt Burn, Battle Ground:  8 miles 

-Tokul trail connections, Fall City: 4 miles

-Camp Sekani skills park and pump track, Spokane.

-New Ride Park at Port Gamble 

-Alpine Baldy Phase II, Skykomish:  3 miles

-No. 2 Canyon, Wenatchee: 30 miles (8 miles in 2018)

Double Your Trail Impact!

New Trail Project Highlight: What your support does in Port Gamble

GiveBig EmailHeaderImage

Working with Kitsap County, Evergreen West Sound has designed a new ride park at Port Gamble—home of the Stottlemeyer race. If all goes well, dirt should turn in September—but only with your help now.

Design is complete, the County is supportive, and Kitsap riders are stoked.

And with PG just a short ferry ride away, Seattle, riders should be stoked too. A new hub for skill building and education opportunities, the proposed park boasts tons of MTB fun.  

Port Gamble is just one opportunity your GiveBig donation can make a reality. And there’s no other funding to make this happen—it's all powered by donations from supporters like you. The perfect ride is waiting out there for you--will you fund 100+ miles with your GiveBig donation to find it?


Dig deep and make our builders proud.

Help our chapters launch these projects. Share this with your riding friends. And keep seeking that perfect ride--you'll have more places to look when you GiveBig.

#BeTheBuilder and Donate Now