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GiveBig Trail Target #5: Camp Sekani

04 | May | '18
Ian Terry


Trail:  Sekani - Spokane, Washington (East Chapter)

Project Goal: A new skills area and pumptrack at Camp Sekani in Beacon Hill, Spokane.

Funds needed: $5,000



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Evergreen perspective:

 "There are two components to our project, the skills park and the pump track. The skills park we have is old and does not flow well. It is difficult to utilize for the beginner rider. With these funds, we’ll be able to bridge the ability gap between existing features within our skills park, improve signage, and more effectively separate the skills park from the general riding area. We also have an opportunity to build Spokane’s only public pump track. By locating the pump track within the skills park we are able to consolidate our educational tools in the same place and truly create a nucleus within Beacon Hill for families and friends to congregate. Our goal is to have an area that encourages progression in our local community and enables riders to tackle our regional riding areas with confidence." – Nate Hutchens, Evergreen East Chapter President


Local rider perspective:

 "I ride with my family at Sekani 2 to 3 times a week. I have a 10 and a 13 thirteen-year-old and they’ve grown up riding there. I know without Sekani, we wouldn’t be the biking family we are. We have great flow trails and rocky tech but we don’t really have a central core area to bring everyone together. I think the biggest thing that could help with that is a skills park. Adding that would really give newer riders a place to progress and develop their skills before tackling some of the bigger jump lines." – Tiffany Letnes, local rider and ultrasound technician in Spokane


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