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GiveBig Trail Target #7: Ribbed Trail

04 | May | '18
Ian Terry


Trail: Ribbed Trail - Leavenworth, Washington (Central Chapter)

Project Goal: Rebuild of the legendary Ribbed Trail in Leavenworth.

Funds needed: $10,000

Help Us Rebuild Ribbed Trail Now!

GiveBig ProjectMapRibbedTrail

Evergreen perspective:

"Having the opportunity with the GiveBig campaign to rebuild the Ribbed Trail is huge. This is a legendary trail dating back to the late ‘90’s. Having this trail up and running is a much needed option close to town because it would be the first legalized jump trail in Leavenworth. We have great beginner level trails at the ski hill complex and it’ll be nice to put something in for the more advanced rider. Plus, we’ll have a shuttle option for it as well. The new Ribbed Trail will really tick all the boxes. I’m stoked!" – James Munly, Evergreen Central Chapter Board Member

Local rider perspective:

"A rebuild of Ribbed would add another element to our trail system here. It gives something to the more advanced rider. In my mind, it’s going to be a game changer here. I could see it becoming Leavenworth’s most popular trail. I’m really looking forward to it!" – Tom Ford, local rider and mechanic at Arlberg Sports Haus in Leavenworth

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