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GiveBig: Have 50 cents? That's a mile of trail.

09 | May | '18
Ian Terry

How much do you love Snickers?

Because for less than the cost of a checkout-line candy bar, you and your fellow members can build a mile of brand new trail. This year. 

Imagine what we could do if you really GiveBig.

No joke—if our members donated just $31 each, we’d fund all our projects today--your impact could be huge.

You’ve been calling about Team Epic membership and big matches--this is your chance. Let’s GiveBig, get our friends to GiveBig, and build 65+ more miles of trail now! 

We’ve got the green light—we just need the funds by midnight May 9th.

Riders like you from across the state have already scheduled their donations—will your join them now?


Trail Hungry? Don't Wait!



No matter where you live in the state projects are happening for you—and the goal is closer than you think.


If you GiveBig today (and encourage your friends!), you’ll make these projects happen this year:  

-Sun Mountain Trail network expansion, Methow Valley: 20 miles

-Completion of climbing trail and the new Ribbed Trail at Ski Hill, Leavenworth: 3 miles

-3 new trails in the Yacolt Burn, Battle Ground:  8 miles 

-Tokul trail connections, Fall City: 4 miles

-Camp Sekani skills park and pump track, Spokane.

-New Ride Park at Port Gamble 

-Alpine Baldy Phase II, Skykomish:  3 miles

-No. 2 Canyon, Wenatchee: 30 miles (8 miles in 2018)



GiveBig for your new trails!


You have the power and the numbers to create 65 miles of new trail NOW--and this is our last chance--don't let these projects get pushed back!

Donate, GiveBig and share with your friends—your personal impact is much bigger than you think. 

TODAY is your day to #BeTheBuilder.