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07 | 07 | '24
Trail is in great shape.  Rode from Ball Field 3 around Coil miners and up to he ridge just  short of the bridge where i encountered a bear and turned back.  Later saw the bear at the parking looks trying to get into trash cans. &...
Submitted by bripow on 7/8/24
07 | 04 | '24
I was able to sneak away from elder care duties and get a quick summit ride to Stormy Mountain from the Windy Saddle Trailhead using the Devil's Backbone trail. It was dry and gravelly but in good shape. I would have loved to do the whole Backbone bu...
Submitted by tomvale on 7/3/24
06 | 28 | '24
Finally took the trip from Seattle out here and it was well worth it. Trails are great, so many fun options and the views are fabulous especially from the top. Even has fun climbing trails. btw found water bottle atop Horse Lake mnt : I left it near...
Submitted by thijssen on 6/30/24
06 | 29 | '24
My first time riding Sage Hills and it was a blast. Trails run great, nicely packed dirt. Vegetation in parts is hanging over the trail but makes it a little hard to see the trail in front (promise I ran over zero snakes knowingly). Of course the vie...
Submitted by thijssen on 6/30/24