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First Ride

07 | Jan | '16

Rode all the trails today for the first time today. Outstanding little MTB system. I just moved to Puyallup from Mount Vernon, so I was a little spoiled with Gabby, Little Mountain, the ACFL trails and BC so close. This place rocks. Hustle and flow is one of the best built trails I've been on; you can take it nice and easy or really get into it. Lots of freeride stuff to enjoy in the middle as well. Great place to work on your skills or have a nice chill ride. I'm excited to take my boy there. He just turned 9 and has been tearing up the trails with me up north and near Leavenworth/Winthrop. This will be a great place to build confidence and hone skills. Definitely for me as well. Only drawback, it's in funkytown. Don't leave anything valuable in your vehicle.

Submitted by JD on 01/08/2016