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Hustle and Flow

06 | Jan | '16

I really enjoy the flow lines of this trail complete with banked corners.  Unfortunately, it is very difficult to maintain much speed on this trail system as there is an over abundance of "whoops" (sp?) in the trail.  Most of these whoops are very steep, requiring you to slow down to try and absorb them.  Before someone posts that they are meant to be jumped, I would love to see someone try.  Many are too steep to be jumped at speed.  They exist immediately before and immediately after every banked corner, and probably 100 times in between.  I honestly don't see the purpose for these man made obstacles.  If they are there to separate and direct water runoff, then they don't need to be anywhere as steep or abrupt as they are.  After riding the trail once around, we felt like it was pretty hard on our backs since there is so much compression at the bottom of each one......NOT comfortable.

Don't get me wrong, I truly appreciate all the hard work that builders have put into this trail.....I just don't see the point of all the sharp whoops.

Submitted by Tapeworm on 01/10/2016