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Made a dollar biking today!

I left the shuttle area at 10 o’clock this morning to do two runs on the Lower Skyline Trail. It is in great shape with the exception of some gravel from the heavy rains and berm, or uphill ‘high side’ erosion.  I also became a ‘professional’ mountain biker today when I got paid for climbing…. (found a dollar bill on the road during the climb). ;-)  Lower Skyline has a couple braking bumps to fix in Spring also but it is running great. My uploaded video is here.

After Lower Skyline, I took the truck back down to the Out of the Blue DNR gate, parked, and began the climb to do the two lower sections of Out of the Blue for the first time in 2023. There are many chainsaw jobs (maybe 5) to accomplish to clear these two trail sections and there are leaves everywhere hiding the roots and rocks. After all the wind damage is cleared it will be ready for winter runs!  It was a fun day before the next rain comes. GPS track and pictures are here.

BTW, if you want a couple MTB related music parodies to sing at Karaoke, here are four 'mtb versions' I made of songs you can sing...
"Juke Box Hero"
"Rocky Mountain High"
"Takin' a Ride - Heavy Metal"

Maybe sing one at the MTB festival!

Submitted by tomvale on 01/17/2023