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Snoqualmie Tunnel


This is my 3rd adventure parking at Rattlesnake Lake and riding to and through the Snoqualmie tunnel, then back to Rattlesnake Lake. This path is relaxing at the same time I get the feeling of being in a natural environment. It's good for family cause it doesn't have strenuos rocks and hills, flat. I don't have to fight car traffic. I pulled a leg/hip muscle which put my back and leg connection chain to my foot just out of alignment. After a week of yoga and stretching I thought this would be good therapy, for reworking the leg back into it's place. Everything went great. the weather was perfect, there was some wind which kept the muggy-ness down in the sun's heat. The air in the tunnel was good too, just right to cool off. On a previous ride there was no wind, the humidity got tiresome after a while. The tunnel was burrr cold. Everything was perfect this time. I had also jumped into the small waterfall and cooled off.

The ride is a gradual incline all the way to the tunnel, and slightly downhill all the way back which is rewarding. I think the parts that seems downhill on the way to the tunnel are trick-hills, seems strange to be pedaling instead of coasting. The tunnel is 2 miles I believe, have your lights working cause it is dark. Like a long cave. It has that creepy cave spooky feeling after riding in for about 5 or so minutes. The light to the other side goes from nothing to a tiny white dot. It seems like yah keep going and the dot stays the same size. There are alot of off beat trails, looks like fun to take the bike, but I wasn't sure if they are foot-only trails. So I just peaked in a little, and snuck back out. :-) I had just got a new HERO 5 GoPro, Two batteries served me fine. I saved SD space and battery life my turning off on the repetitive long stretches from corner to corner. There are always people practing mountain climbing. I find that exciting. Maybe try that when I am 80.

I wouldn't go in times around early spring / mid spring. It's still pretty cold and wet even as the sun is out. There are also bears out chasing bugs. Maybe take bear spray if your feeling that courageous. Wear finger and toe warming gloves, mine during that time felt like I was in the snow, I had lost feeling.

Overall, I like it here. I like the butterflies riding along side of you. There are many nice little pit stops, and there are restooms of you don't want to go in the forrest. Camping spots, a lake, and more hiking.

thank you!


Submitted by Karlene on 07/09/2017