Do I need to be a member to sign up for a ride or volunteer work party?
No. You just need to be a FREE registered user on our site. Go here to register.

Can I have my membership fees support a specific Regional Chapter?
Yes. Simply choose the Chapter when you join or renew. If you’re already a member, and would like to support a particular Chapter going forward, email us.

How many family members can be included on a family membership?
You can have up to five people living under the same roof on any one family membership. We do need each person on your membership to have a unique email address so we can add them to our system.

I renewed my membership or joined Evergreen at a recent event, but my account is not active?
Memberships created or renewed at events need to be entered into our system manually. So it can take up to a few weeks to get your info in our system. If you’re trying to sign up for a class or receive a member discount, and your membership account is not yet live, please email us and we can get you set up ASAP.

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