Port Gamble Work Party

5/4/24, 10:00am - 2:00pm
Work Party
Heather deChoudens
Cascades to Sound, West Sound, Statewide
Registration not available
Endorsed by Evergreen
Work Party


We have finally snagged the Port Gamble maintenance contract. So now it is GO TIME! Great weather conditions and lots of work to be had. 

Join us THIS Saturday; May 4th @ 10am. We will be meeting at the Flight Deck area, next to Maverick and Iceman. We will be providing the tools and the education behind what exactly we will be doing. 

We spent a LOT of hours building out this ride park. Now its time to give back to the community, make is a safer and cleaner place to ride. A lot of trails to maintain. Every volunteered hour counts and is hugely appreciated!

We recommend wearing sturdy shoes and gloves. Pack layers! Bring water and snacks. We do not have a parking lot at the ride park yet so be prepared to have to ride your bike or hike from the Stumps Trailhead, up the gravel road for about 2miles to the Ride Park clearing. Arrive early to allow the time to ride and be at the Flight Deck at 10am. 

We will cancel if the weather is the WORST. Luckily Port Gamble is situated in the rain shadow and typically has less rain that most other places. 

We appreciate you! Thank you!



No. of Attendees: of 25 max