Msfits DonutSquad ShreditSisters Spooky Raging River Work Party & Ride

10/29/23, 10:00am - 2:00pm
Work Party
Heather deChoudens
Cascades to Sound, Central, West Sound, Statewide
Registration not available
Endorsed by Evergreen
Work Party

Grab your best trail building costume because this event is THEMED! 

The WOMEN join forces again to create another new trail. This time being in the Raging Ridge area of the I90 corridor. Lucky us! 

Think same same as Dirt & Debauchery but different! Raging Ridge Phase 3 consists of a few new DH trails as well as a couple of new climbing trails. The Msfits, DonutSquad and ShreditSisters have an entire new venture, currently known as trail A3. A general name, we know. BUT we have many nicknames, such as Mojo Dojo Downhill! (for those that have seen Barbie movie.)

ooohhh weeee are we stoked! 

More Skill Building w Various Terrain. 

More Sharing Tips n Tricks w Professional Builders. 

More Leadership Opportunites. 

More Digging w Various Tools. 

More Radness Shared. 

More Trails Fueled by Women. 

More Details to Come!

Make sure to follow us on Instagram for details and fun sponsors. We will also be doing random weekday work parties that will be posted via IG. More the merrier! We provide the tools, snacks and knowledge. Just show up and have the best time playing in the dirt with friends! 

We suggest wearing sturdy shoes and gardening gloves and obviously bringing your bike for group ride sessions! 


No. of Attendees: of 25 max