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Saint Edward State Park - Trail Brushing Work Party

06/23/2019,  9:30 am
Work Parties

Saint Edward State Park - Trail Brushing Work Party

Join us to help cut back nettles, salmonberry, blackberry and other fast-growing vegetation that inevitably needs to be trimmed back from the trails this time of year. 

Big Finn Hill Park + St Edward State Park have a great, connected trail ecosystem that is some of the closest riding to the Seattle metro/East-side. If you haven't been here, come check in out...and if you live nearby, come lend a hand to make a great trail riding experience for everyone.

We'll focus on the trails on the South end of the Park--on both sides of Holmes Point Dr. NE--for this work-party.

If you have a favorite weed cutter, loppers, machete, hand saw, feel free to bring it (we'll have some tools you can use for trimming the trails)


What you should bring: Your favorite weed cutting tool (or borrow some of ours)--be sure to wear gloves and eye protection 

Where to meet: Holmes Point Dr NE--just West of Juanita (there is limited parking on the roadside here--you will need a Discover pass if you park here--there is other parking nearby)

When: 9:30 AM--for an hour or two--come when you can, stay as long as you want

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