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We have suspended all Evergreen community events, education classes, volunteer work parties and in-person meetings through May 31st. This applies statewide across our 8 chapters. If you have signed up for an Evergreen-sponsored event happening during this time, you will be contacted by an administrator.

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Cancelled: Grand Ridge Work Party

01/26/2019,  9:00 am
Work Parties

Saturday's work party will need to be cancelled. Sorry to kill your trailbuilding stoke but keep your eye on the event calendar for more work parties! 




Come join us for some Grand Ridge Maintenance on Saturday January 26th at 9:00am


We'll meet at the Duthie Hill Parking lot and hike to our work location on Grand Ridge from there. We'll be working on the south side of the boardwalk adressing drainage and rough tread issues. 


What to Bring:

-Sturdy Footwear, boots reccomended

-Clothing for all weather conditions: rain, snow, wind, cold

-Water and Lunch in a backpack

-Work Gloves if you have them

-A favorite trail tool if you have one


Evergreen will Provide:

-All Tools

-Work Gloves

-Trailbuilding Expertise


If you have any questions contact Cody Olsen at



Location Grand Ridge
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